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Joe T. Bass Productions

Why do we do what we do? We take time away from yard work. We listen to significant others. We might miss a baseball game or a soccer match. Game? Is it a soccer game or match? Whatever. We missed it. Why. Because I Dig Going After Fish. IDGAF. Why do we do this? IDGAF. I'm going fishing. How many times have you heard this? "Honey are you going to cut the lawn today? No. Why, Because I'm going fishing. Well if you do that I'm going to cut you off. You know what, IDGAF."

We are a team. We are united in our illness. We procrastinate our duties. We find that slight window to follow our passion. We make sure that we feed the monster. And when someone calls us on it, we simply respond "IDGAF, I'm going fishing." We just don't care. We must feed the monster. WE ARE TEAM IDGAF.

Sure we can fish our brains out. We can spend all day on a lake with nothing to show for it. We can endure sunburn. Bad Weather. Jet skiers. Water skiers. You know what? IDGAF. I dig going after fish. And then when we get home we hear "How was it? We might respond "I didn't get any fish." But when we say that, we don't care. We were fishing. We weren't walking behind a lawnmower. We weren't weeding the garden. We weren't spreading mulch. We were fishing. So when someone says you could have spent your time more wisely, we simply just say IDGAF. I went fishing instead.

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